October 6th, 2023

The mystic is not a special kind of human being; rather, every human being is a special kind of mystic – William McNamara

Join us in October as we deep dive into the world of mysticism, spiritual enlightenment, inner wisdom, and a connection with the sacred, both in spirit and physically.

Spirit and Soul

Mysticism is a spiritual or religious belief and practice that involves the pursuit of direct and personal experience of the divine or the transcendent. It often emphasises the importance of intuition, contemplation, and inner spiritual experiences over the external rituals and doctrines of organised religions. Mystics seek to attain a profound sense of union with the divine or the ultimate reality through various means, including mediation, spiritual rituals, witchcraft, prayer, and introspection. These experiences can be as little or extreme as the participant desires and its scope can vary widely depending on individuals’ preferences, beliefs, and boundaries from personal spirituality, informal practices, and expert psychic readings.

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Escaping The Norm

We live in such unsettling times where anxiety and depression are widespread, especially over the past few years, leading people to seek solace in the magical and supernatural. Environment, politics and inequality are among the modern woes which are perhaps part of the reason why spirituality and mystics are growing in popularity. Shamanism, witchcraft and the occult are experiencing a revival, especially among millennials and Gen Z’s with 60% of them saying they are searching for spirituality outside of organised religion and 87% saying that taking care of their soul is important to them.

In times of uncertainty and instability people often turn to spirituality and religion. In the Dark Ages, the ever-present threat of disease and lack of scientific understanding led to a surge in spiritual practises. Now in 2023, we are seeking mysticism for some reasons not too far from our ancestors but also with the fear that our lifespans our extending into an unknown future of technological advancements. Longing for comfort in loyalty and belonging that spirituality offers; we find ourselves wanting to become immersed in these new dimensions.

The Evolved Consumer

Whether you’re aware or not, we will have all been exposed to mysticism in some capacity. If you’ve ever seen Harry Potter or Stranger Things, have ever spoken about your star sign or ever celebrated Halloween, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that consumers started having a deeper interest in what lies beyond…

In 2020, consumers retreated back to nature, took the time to really find themselves and search for their sole purpose, which ultimately sped up the resurgence of mysticism. Three years later, in a world where the importance of being allowed to be anything you wish and believe in whatever or whoever you want, mysticism seems to be here to stay. The every-day consumer now is far more open minded, more so than in decades before and the importance of spiritualty is nothing to be scoffed at.

We know how influential this trend is. The presence of cosmic designs in high-street retailers and not just on the runways or esoteric bookstores shows how the trend has made its way into the mainstream, making it accessible to a wider demographic.

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Mainstream Mysticism

Mysticism has many layers and the tools of modern mysticism take form in a number of ways, including horoscopes and astrology, tarot cards, witchcraft, manifestation, reiki healing and crystals. This is definitely not an exhaustive list as mysticism is widespread, but some are more accessible that others with each having their own benefits yet all driving towards the same common goal of healing and positive affirmations.

1. Spiritual Cleansing

Spiritual cleansing is a practice that aims to remove negative energy from a person to create harmony within our body and mind by restoring positive energy. The specific methods and beliefs surrounding spiritual cleansing can vary widely across cultures and individuals with those wanting to spiritual cleanse participating in practices such as meditation, crystal healing, bath soaks and burning herbs to make space for a more zen way of life.

2. Manifestation

Manifestation is a concept rooted in the belief that individuals can bring their desires, goals, and intentions into a reality through focussed thought, belief, and action and is often associated with the law of attraction. The core idea behind manifestation is that thoughts and beliefs have the power to influence the physical world, including ones’ circumstances and experiences. Since 2021 there has been a 105% search increase in ‘manifestation techniques’ however, Gen-Z aren’t the only generation looking to dip their toe into mysticism

3. Tarot’s and Horoscopes.

People are finding comfort in knowing, or thinking if you’re a critic, that the world has a plan, and everyone has a destined path already mapped out for them. Tarot cards rebel against the ideas of modern science and logic and instead heavily rely on ancient frameworks such as fate and power to find solace and expand the understanding on the meaning behind the journey in which we are destined with.

4. Witchcraft

Witchcraft is a broad and diverse practice that encompasses various beliefs, traditions and rituals associated with the use of magic, spells, and the manipulation of supernational forces. Gone were the days where witches were women associated with the devil and now modern-day witches are genderless individuals who uses their powers for good only.

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Back Down To Earth

How is this translated in the physical form? This increasing integration of mysticism has filtered into retail and graphic design. As people seek meaning and connection in an increasingly complex work, designers are exploring spiritual and mystical themes in their work. Mystic themes such as zodiac signs, celestial imagery and cosmic patterns to create a sense of magic and wonder, allowing brands to connect with their audiences on a deeper level.

The desire for escapism associated with mysticism forces consumers to seek spaces that fully immerse them in other-worldly aesthetics and within them, provide moments for reflection and contemplation, and perhaps where mystics can practice their rituals.

[Image Credit : York Ghost Merchants]

So where do we come in?

Just as people are drawn to the practises of mysticism, many are drawn to the aesthetic too, the stuff that comes with mysticism, not just the services but the accessories and the overall look and feel. If you’re a brand or retailer looking to design a retail space that’s reflective of current industry trends such as mysticism, then this is where we can help…

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