August 19th, 2016

Design 4Retail

There are 21 pop-up-shops opening up today all around the world which is dedicated to selling the very controversial Kanye West Yeezey-themed merchandise. Kanye’s seventh album, the life of Pablo was premiered in February this year alongside his Yeezy season 3 fashion range which is in collaboration with adidas.

The first ‘Life of Pablo’ pop-up-shop opened up in New York for 3 days earlier this year which reportedly sold millions of dollars’ worth of exclusive merchandise such as thrift store jackets customised by the rapper selling $400.

The news of these pop-up stores were all revealed last night by the famous rapper who posted a map of all the shops locations on twitter. The new shops will be open for 3 days only with each city receiving its own customised shirts with the cities written in Cali Thornhill DeWitt’s gothic script that has been regularly featured in most of West’s current collections.

The stores are opening in West’s hometown of Chicago and will also be available in Portland, Detroit, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York and Boston. But it’s not only America that is being graced with the work of Kanye West, ‘Life of Pablo’ is venturing to Europe in Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cape Town, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney.

Precise locations of each store is available at: