July 13th, 2015

Design 4Retail

Five Top Tips to Retail Design

As a retail design agency, we understand that successful retail design involves a number of well thought out components that work together seamlessly. From lighting to window displays, every nook and cranny of your retail space contributes to the overall feel and can have an effect on the shopping patterns of your customers. Read on for our steps to retail design success!

Retail Design in a shoe shop

Grab the Customer’s Attention

Any good retail design agency knows that making a bold first impression is a sure-fire way to get potential customers interested in your store. The areas around the entrance to your store should really pack a punch in order to entice new customers in and encourage them to make a purchase. Don’t forget to be creative with your store displays. Share an important message or tell a story with your retail design to draw prospective customers in and keep them engaged in the experience of shopping in your store. The bigger the impression you make, the more of a response you will get from your customers. Short of ideas? A retail design agency can help you make a big impact with your displays and target them at the right audience.

Change Regularly

Updating your store’s retail design regularly keeps the shopping experience fresh and exciting. The more frequently you change your displays, the more reason you are giving returning customers a reason to visit your store again. Making changes to your retail design attracts attention and lets buyers know you have something new to offer them. Make the most of national holidays and annual events. Occasions such as Christmas and the back to school season allow you to create inspiring, themed displays that showcase your merchandise at the times they are most appropriate. However, it is not necessary to make changes to the whole store at once. Even changing one display can give your customers a reason to return and maybe tempt them into making an impulse purchase!

Showcase to the Street

Window displays are one of the most important elements of retail design. They are the part of the store that makes the first impression to potential customers and are often the deciding factor in whether or not they enter your store. With tough competition in nearby stores, it is essential to make sure yours stands out the most, drawing passers-by inside to find out more about what you have to offer. It’s important to consider the visual planes of the passing public. Focus your displays around the parts of the window that are most visible to people walking by. If your merchandise is difficult to see, your customers are more likely to be attracted to a different store!

Dr. Martens retail store G-Shock Retail shop Underwear retail shop

Light it Up

Lighting is often overlooked by retail design agencies, however, this aspect that can have a powerful impact on the look and feel of your store. Creative use of lighting can be used to change the mood in your entire retail space or just one particular area depending on the merchandise you choose to display. Experiment with different light sources to create an interesting display that will draw your customers in. Sources such as table lamps and fairy lights can provide great alternative to your standard shop lighting to give your displays a little something extra. Don’t forget to illuminate your key pieces- the clearer the customer can see your merchandise, the easier it is to draw them in!

Create an Engaging Experience

The overall aim of retail design is to create an immersive experience for your shoppers. With online shopping proving to be tough competition for the high street in recent years, it is important for stores to give customers something they can’t get on the internet. Interactive displays that appeal to multiple senses provide a memorable, engaging experience for your customers. Make their experience in your store about much more than just buying goods. Happy customers are loyal customers! Working with a retail design agency to create your store will ensure each element complements the others and work seamlessly together with them.

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