September 1st, 2016

Design 4Retail

Dyson opened their first UK standalone store on London’s Oxford Street last July.

On one of our frequent visits to the capital we had a look around the store and were impressed with the store environment.

The store is designed as a demo space and highlighting their range of products including the newly released Supersonic hairdryer. The walls in store feature digital displays showcasing the products in action.

The space has a minimalist exhibition feel with no visible tills, this allows the innovative product to be the main focus. On the upper level of the store they have even created an in store hair salon, an area to test out the Dyson hairdryer and give customers a chance to get their hair styled.

As well as getting to test out the hair dryer visitors are also able to try out the Dyson vacuum cleaners and test out the cleaners on 64 various types of dust.

The store also claims to have the cleanest air in London as they have Dyson air purifiers running in store. This is a bold statement as the store is located on the busiest shopping street and potentially one of the most polluted streets in London.

We are looking forward to seeing what Dyson plan to do next with their stores and where their next store location will be.