Corporate Social & Ecological Responsibility

Corporate Social and Ecological responsibility statement. 2016

We work in an industry which is constantly updating its brand image with the use of temporary design solutions so it seems a contradiction when talking about sustainability and the environment in relation to retail design. However as with other industries the environment and sustainability are hot topics with both brands and retailers looking to go the extra mile to improve their effect on the environment.

As suppliers to the retail world we have a huge responsibility to make sure we are being environmentally aware where we can.

Whilst we don’t claim to be experts on the environment we are making big steps in doing our bit.
• All computers are fitted with an eco-mode
• Energy efficient light bulbs used
• Encourage all staff not to print where possible
• Recycles packaging used
• Efficient hot water tap to replace kettle
• Trains over cars where possible
• Talking about eco design on our blog
• Introduced paper recycling bins to office
• Accredited to the ISO 14001 environmental management system
• Talking through environmental material options with suppliers and clients
• We do thorough checks on our supply base to check ethical labour

This year we will aim to educate all d4r employees on the importance of being greener as well as our contractors and suppliers.