D4R designed, developed and installed the amazing ‘house of adidas’ situated on the 5th floor of Harrods. The prestigious shop in shop launched in April 2014. However, D4R have recently returned (March 2017) to ensure that a refresh of adidas graphics + campaign imagery was launched successfully! D4R have a long lasting relationship with adidas working on an exciting range of retail projects over the years.

The ‘house of adidas’ unifies the vast range of adidas product into one powerful brand space. Along with being an amazing brand showcase for adidas based in the amazing Harrods department store.  In keeping with the best of retail that Harrods has to offer, the highly premium 380sq metre shop in shop had everything from a fully interactive footwear area and beautifully crafted retail furniture.  Impactful brand messaging shown through LED lighting and signage, along with hand created branded concrete columns that utilise the existing architecture.

The customer journey is clearly navigated by way of powerful 3D led category signs and stretched fabric banners. Each area has its own personality and key features to entice the consumer and invite them to interact with the product on show. The two premium fitting rooms benefit from the corner windows, with a seating / trying area to further re iterate that the consumer is the most important factor in this retail space.

The fully interactive central footwear area is a modern technological masterpiece. Consumers can take a digital journey to consider product types, features and benefits. As well as being able to make your own way through the huge virtual world of adidas footwear you can also take a particular shoe from the shelf to the scan area and have an immediate product information breakdown on large interactive table top touch screens.

The entire ceiling, services and all perimeter walls were removed and carefully re-instated to ensure the maximum height and space possible. A clever mix of feature light fittings gives highs and lows to the lux levels to pick out key VM hot spots. Not forgetting vertical led light panels framing each of the windows to give a subtle glow that further draws the consumer around the space.


D4R worked tirelessly and owned every aspect of this wonderful project over the months leading to completion with an 11 week on site schedule coming together as planned.  The refreshed shop in shop was unveiled on the 14th March.


  • Branded Space
  • Experiential Design
  • Retail Brand Awareness
  • Retail Technology