A shoppable reality: DreamHouzz

Pop-up's may not be a new concept, but their evolution in the realm of physical retail is certainly thriving. Our latest project with Houzz UK takes the pop-up trend to the next level with a shoppable reality set within a derelict warehouse...

The Brief

Following their very successful interiors pop-up at the start of the year (Houzz of 2018), Houzz were looking to replicate this first-hand connection with their customers with another immersive event to showcase their product and expertise; this time more focused around retail, driving on-site sales of the vast product range.

D4R became the appointed lead creative agency to bring this immersive pop-up to life, taking the project from concept to realisation. Equipped with the expertise to curate innovative and inspiring environments for our diverse client base, we had solid knowledge of the methods Houzz UK could introduce to connect with customers and drive sales.

The Insight

Our trend and insight work, at the very beginning of this project, formed the solid foundation for a cohesive retail identity; including a number of innovative touchpoints to encourage visitors to immerse themselves within the pop-up. The engagement, whilst product based predominantly, was also focused on the Houzz app and the tools it offers to allow customers to connect with and understand the products on offer.

With this project blurring the lines between home interiors, immersive environments and shoppable moments, we began to curate a strategy which would harmonise all three elements into a successful pop-up. Appropriately named the DreamHouzz, this experiential space within a derelict Bermondsey warehouse became the success of our creative strategy, Houzz’ clear aspirations for connecting with customers and a team of interior designers’ ambitions for curating enviable (but achievable) room-sets.

Due to the nature of the space that was proposed for the experience D4R proposed an aesthetic for the pop-up that would provide a visual bridge between the weathered architectural envelope of the building, and the polished, and jewel-like curated interior spaces.  A palette of highly textured materials and structures with visible construction details provided the ability to ‘float’ the room-sets within the warehouse space and celebrate the juxtaposition of luxe interior spaces and evocative, tactile industrial surroundings.

Around each of these immersive design vignettes, we proposed a series of interactive touchpoints which introduced customers to the website and begin to associate their first-hand product experiences with online opportunities. Whilst the room sets were shoppable via digital touchpoints, the environment was incredibly tactile. A sample studio enabled visitors the chance to curate their own mood boards, an interactive zone featured visualisation of the Houzz app which could create room ‘snapshots’ to be shared online and a proposed café / event space allowed an area for reflection, relaxation and further browsing.

The Result

A collaboration between a leading creative agency, a reputable platform for home product and eight talented interior designs, the DreamHouzz connected with excited visitors through shoppable room sets. As interior design becomes a fashionable incentive and social media continues to influence home-owners as much as beauty or fashion, Houzz took another step into the realms of physical retail at the right time. Not only did the room sets inspire with their considered aesthetic, the entire event reached out to visitors with its tactility and connectivity; particularly across social media channels.

From the quirks of sausage-dog wallpaper through to the trend-setting millennial flatshare. the DreamHouzz inspired, blurred the boundaries of retail and offered a shoppable reality.

The DreamHouzz 2018 – a mark of strategy, craftmanship and insight.


  • Brand Identity
  • Experiential Design
  • Pop-Up-Shop
  • Research & Insight