How can you create a consistent and striking retail design for your brand in-store?

More than ever before, consumers today are seeking brands with values and objectives that align with their own. Within retail, these values have become crucial to define and communicate, whether you’re managing your company’s social media platforms or designing product packaging.

They are even more fundamental when it comes to creating a retail design for your brand in-store – brand identity is one key factor that will separate what you do from your competition. This physical manifestation of brand identity and values is also essential for established an engaged and loyal customer base - 64% of shoppers build relationships with brands because of shared values. So, how do you go about using brand identity to make your in-store retail design deliver?

What is brand identity?

It’s effectively the message of the brand – its core truths and the story that runs behind everything it does, from marketing to product choices. Customers look for a consistent brand identity with well defined values that are either aligned with their own or which offer an aspiration that the customer wants to buy into. With multiple touchpoints across digital and physical avenues, the consistency of a brand across retail has become incredibly important.

How does brand identity work with in-store retail design?

It’s all about applying the brand identity to the shopping experience that customers have with your brand in-store. There are many different opportunities to introduce and reinforce brand identity via retail design, including:

Logo use

Your logo will be an integral part of your brand identity and should appear consistently throughout retail design. However, it’s not a question of covering the entire store in the logo but using it strategically so that it registers with the customer at the right moment. Some brands use their logo repeatedly in-store, from displays to labels and receipts – others opt for a more minimal approach where the logo is used sparingly.

Window Displays

A shopper’s experience with your brand begins with the outside of the store - the sign, displays and entrance. It is the front cover of your branded space and the first opportunity to introduce a shopper to the brand and its core values. Distinctive signage that is consistent with the brand’s aesthetic and focus will be critical, as well as strong window displays that define the world the customer is about to enter (and attract shoppers to it). With the progression of experiential retail, there is no stopping brands from utilizing the window space as the first experience-led touchpoint.

The Colour Scheme

Colour can be used in a variety of different ways in-store, from introducing consistency with branding and logos to evoking emotion. It’s worth noting that colour increases brand recognition by up to 80% so if your branding has a distinctive colour palette, incorporating this in-store could be effective in reinforcing identity.


Lighting choices should be carefully made in-store as lights have a number of different functions. The lighting can form part of the brand identity, from subtle and soft, to bold and colourful, but it’s also crucial for ensuring that customers can see the products and, if necessary, try them on in a flattering light.


If your brand is aiming for a younger audience then an in-house DJ playing tracks fresh from the dance floor could enhance its identity. Where your brand identity is more pared back and down to earth, soft acoustic sounds may work better. Type of music, volume and how it is delivered will all have a part to play in retail experience.

Scent marketing

Human beings find scent incredibly evocative and it can have a big impact in enforcing your brand identity in-store. Smells can be responsible for creating a striking retail experience, whether that’s the scent of fresh grass, just-baked bread or your own brand perfume.

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